Monitor & Control Your Assets - In-Transit, In Warehouse & While Operational

BEO provides complete Supply Chain Visibility for physical assets that are either, in transit, stationary or operational via comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Management .

A fully automated Virtual Assistant that leverages the power of AI & ML to help you automate your entire supply chain by adapting to your requirements.

Get 24/7 insights of your assets from any location by integrating BEO



Set thresholds & get real-time alerts when temperature moves outside the prescribed values


Smart Humidity sensing with real-time alerts for cold chain & perishable products


Safe-gaurd assets to damage due to drops & falls during transit or at warehouses


Shock sensors updates you when there is a sudden increase or decrease in momentum of a vehicle


It helps in determining whether the route is safe for transportation of assets or not


Location sensor provides live pin point location of your assets and/or vehicles

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Complete Supply Chain Visibility & Lifecycle Management 

Software - NAPA

Track all your mobile assets with real-time intelligent remote monitoring that leverages real-time streaming IoT sensors data to provide you up-to-minute update on all your mobile assets.

NAPA provides accurate & effective details for assets:

  • 24×7 automated, real time smart monitoring of the assets
  • Real time data coming directly from assets with continual status updates
  • Get alerts and notifications in real time of key parameters of all assets
  • Detailed report on the carefulness adhered to during the movement and delivery of an asset
  • BEO reports every movement and status updates through alert & notifications

UBICUO - Virtual Assistant

How about a virtual assistant which can take off your workload and do all the required tasks on time without any dependency. UBICUO can take actions, provide detailed workflows, real-time alerts & analytics and make supply chain management actually smarter.

  • Create & Set actions beforehand which can kick in automatically on alerts. 
  • UBICUO – Ask about the assets on the route and their live status and reports.
  • Cut short the manpower required to take all the necessary actions, UBICUO can LEARN, ADAPT & ACT as per your needs.

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