Who We Are?

We at NebulARC believe in solving one of the most immediate problems to every industry – digital transformation. Today, digital transformation is considered a competitive opportunity by the majority of companies and a matter of survival by the rest.

We provide cloud-based product and services that allow the enterprises and SMEs to successfully undertake the journey of digitization smoothly.

As our name suggests, Nebula means “Cloud” and “ARC” is an acronym for “Acquisition, Retention, and Care”. 

NebuARC’s product & services help enterprises and SME’s ACQUIRE more customers by improving their digital outreach, RETAIN them through impeccable services and provide extraordinary CARE through support.

One-third of the organizations who adopted digital transformation say it’s helping them in enabling real-time transactions, improving operational efficiency and acquiring new customers.

As per a report from “DATUM”, “90% of CEO’s believe the digital economy will have a significant impact on their industry, only 25% have plans in place and only less than 15% are funding and executing the plan”.

We have segregated our efforts through two mediums – Products & Services